Next Saturday March 20, 2010, my family, friends and I will be walking for Michele in the 2010 walkMS event at Lake Eola in Orlando.  This is the 4th year we have walked to raise money and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis.

My wife was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2006 when she experienced Optic Neuritis.  This condition caused her to have blindness (blocked vision) in her left eye; and as we now know, is a typical first symptom of MS.  During that first week we visited four doctors, she had emergency MRI, blood tests, a spinal tap from a doctor who lacked not only bedside manor but general patient skills; if that wasn’t enough a home health nurse was dispatched daily for a week to administer IV steroids in our home to attempt to restore her vision (yes it did work).  Eventually we began to learn more about MS its affects, concerns, worries and prognosis.  We also contacted the Mid Florida Chapter of the National MS Society to see what services were available to help explain this to our then 5-year-old daughter; not only did we find what we needed, but we were made aware of the major fund raising event held all over the country in different regions and towns…walkMS!

We jumped in feet first, collected donations and participated in the walk in March 2007.  We were blown away by the generosity of our friends and family’s outpouring of support.  The walk was successful, shortly there after I we received an email from the walk coordinators inviting anyone to join the volunteer walk planning committee; I responded with my interest, three subsequent walks later I am still involved in the planning and organization of the annual event.  Last year I was honored to be asked to be the Orlando walk ambassador, representing those with and those affected by MS in 2009.  This year the walk is looking to exceed expectations in participation and monies raised.  The money is used to fund research, programs and provide assistance to the local community for those affected by MS.  I urge you to get involved educate yourself, donate, walk or volunteer.

In January 2007 Michele began her life long treatment to stop MS in its tracks to deny and/or limit its progression.  Currently she takes three self injections of a Beta/Interferon per week at home.  The medicine is 1 of only a small handful of available treatments, very costly and occasionally causes short-term flu like symptoms.  The alternative is the potential for a incapacitated life.  There are hopes of less invasive treatments in the future but the goal is a cure.

The walk is just over one week away please support my effort by donating to the National MS Society via my walk sponsorships : DONATE TO HOWARD.


One Response to “walkMS”

  1. Michele Brenner Says:

    Thanks for everything you do to support me in my fight against MS. I love you!

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