Facebook What is it Good for… Here’s One!

Recently whether on personal travel or just here at home, my family and I have had four or five, mini reunions (if you will) that would not have been possible without Facebook.  On a side note my fraternity brothers, Kappa Sigma alumni from Towson University are planning a weekend in Atlantic City this summer (can you say Hangover 2), all made possible again because of Facebook. Planned or as an afterthought these mini-reunions have been very nice and have recharged old friendships and forged new ones as well.

I think back in January is where it all began for us; my family and I were in Norfolk, VA for my beautiful cousin Stacie’s wedding to a great guy Mike.  While on the road, my wife and I were leaving updates of our journey on our Facebook status.  The first opportunity that arose, but quickly became our second meeting was in Fayetteville, NC with Jean Marie and Mike G.   We have some old friends from Baltimore who live in Fayetteville and saw our progress and that we had stopped for the night in their town.  My wife had a Facebook message in the morning asking what our plans were and could we meet for breakfast.  As that didn’t work out, we did ensure that on the way back through we would stop and meet.  Four days later, we stopped for some good country food at everybody’s favorite highway restaurant Cracker Barrel.  Although Jean Marie had to work, we were able to meet with Mike and their two sons and had a great time catching up.

Prior to this reunion however while in Norfolk another Facebook chance meeting took place.  One of Michele’s high school friends lives in Virginia Beach with her husband, who is in the Navy and her children.  Again Cheryl who was following our progress messaged Michele saying that it would be great to meet if the time worked out.  Once we had our plans for the wedding weekend, we were able to include this reunion.  Michele and Cheryl hadn’t seen each other since high school in Hartford County, MD.  We went to our favorite burger place Red Robin (at that time not near us in FL).  We had a great time at diner, I made a new friend and Michele and Cheryl reconnected as well as our kids hanging out and discussing their awful teenage lives and the torture of school.

It’s amazing how much smaller this world is when Facebook is becoming the gooey center/crème filling :).

Well now we’re are back in Florida and having lunch at Bob’s Big Boy, where I said something to the server (in my not so quiet voice) about being from Baltimore, the next thing we know is another diner was at our table asking if my wife was Michele V (maiden initial) from Towson University.  Well when they realized the connection and that yes they were Facebook friends, that kicked off another planned reunion was already in the works.  You see Michelle and my wife Michele are sorority sisters from Towson University.  If it weren’t for them being friends on Facebook and my “inside voice” we would have eaten and run as would have they without ever knowing of the close encounter.  Fast forward to 2 weeks ago, we had dinner with Michelle and her husband Jim prior to an Orlando Magic game.  We meet at Panera along with my sister and daughter had a great time and forging new and renewed friendships.  Since Michelle and Jim are in our area we are hoping to plan more with them including our kids.

Just last weekend we had 1 more reunion, this time with a family friend who my sister and I grew up with and her family as they were here for a Disney vacation.  Karen W, her 3 kids, husband and aunt (who lives in Orlando) planned a diner with us prior to leaving Pennsylvania.  For about 1 month while wheeling and dealing in hard to get Girl Scout cookies (Lemonades, if you were interested), we planned to meet and catch up.  Well when the day finally arrived we found ourselves at a table for 11 at the Smokey Bones in Waterford Lakes.  We had a great time catching up, meeting her family and just hanging out with all around good people.  Her brother William may be down here as well in the fall and we look forward to that reunion as well.

During the same weekend as meeting Karen et al,  I helped a friend, Marion with an IT issue, yes you guessed it, it was all discussed, planned and coordinated right there in Facebook.  She came over to our house, we kibitzed a bit about a place we used to work at together and just reconnected.

As the days, weeks and months roll on; I am looking forward to finding these opportunities, strengthening and renewing old friendships and forging new ones too.


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