Toastmaster Ice Breaker (Competent Communicator Project #1) 04/22/2010

Last night I delivered my first speech at the Omni Toastmasters 6861 club in Lake Mary Florida.  My task was to deliver a 4 – 6 minute speech introducing myself to the club members and its guests. The speech recorded on my Blackberry and has been uploaded here –  I spent a total of about 3 hours working on this over the last few days and I found the experience similar to what I perceive movie makers must go through when cut scenes from a movie to make sure a great product is delivered to theaters.

The first version was full of information, important yet extraneous and the run through was 7’30”, way to long.  I was shooting for about 5’30” and with that I started cutting.  The finished product was delivered in 5′ 22″, provided the information I felt was important to define what was not said; after the speech I received great informal and formal feedback both constructive and positive that I will apply towards my future projects.  For my effort, as with everyone’s first, I was awarded my “Speech #1, The Ice Breaker” ribbon at the end of the meeting .

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