Oh what to write about?

First to send props out to the Orlando Magic sweeping the Charlotte Bobcats right out of the playoffs.  Being the first team to advance, only sweep and showing no signs of stopping even when we are down, I feel this is going to be a great April, May June for Orlando.

Lindsay and I will be attending a Dads & Daughter Cinderella Ball in May hosted by the Girl Scouts, I am looking forward spending this special time with her.  In mid May I am headed back to Southern California for a week, looking to get some good time in HQ, it is always refreshing.  While I am there I am also hoping to hook up with some old and possibly new friends.  I have started contemplating what my next speech for Toastmasters, Project # 2 Organize your Speech.  As this comes together I will update it here and when I deliver it, I will be sure to use a better video camera to capture the moment.

Last weekend we watched Avatar, I did enjoy the movie, just not quite sure what all the hype was about.  It is becoming more and more interesting to me to think and imagine what process went into dreaming up this story and in all movies for that matter, but wow, vivid and creative just barely cover the adjectives needed here.

Oh well I have a few meetings today and I will be out and about in a real office for the rest of the day.

L8tr all


One Response to “Oh what to write about?”

  1. Michele Brenner Says:

    Blue and White Ignite, Go Magic! Can’t wait to take lots of pics of you and Lindsay when you are getting ready for the Cinderella Ball!

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