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Happy T.S. Bonnie Day

July 23, 2010

Tropical Storm Bonnie is churning in the Caribbean south of the Florida peninsula as we speak. Although she is fast moving and being affected by land mass, we should see some effects of her in our state. Although you can add closeness counting with storms like this to the Horse Shoes and Hand Grenades cliché, we should be okay; maybe some wind and rain. But one can never tell as course correction can be a b—h. In the immortal words of our immediate past governor, Jeb Bush “Hunker Down” LOL. Have a great weekend wherever you are, but if in Florida stay safe and enjoy the show…


Small newsletter article I wrote for my ToastMasters newsletter.

July 22, 2010

Omni Team Builds for Success
On Saturday, June 5, many OMNI members, family, and friends gathered at the Airport Lanes Bowling alley in Sanford for an evening of fun, fellowship, and a bit of competition.  The event was a social gathering to celebrate another great year of OMNI 6861’s twenty-two years and an opportunity to strengthen our team; OMNIans and guests came from near and far to enjoy.  Once the fashionable and timeless bowling shoes were laced up, balls chosen, and pizza and soda delivered, the evening got off to a great start.  Bowling is and can be great fun as a social sport; it provides exercise, good times, and an opportunity to cultivate friendships. My family and I arrived a little late but were greeted with warm open
arms and shared a lane with Darrell , ”I haven’t bowled in over 100 years”, King; guess who won all games in our lane, scoring well over 100 and encroaching on the150s?
Aside from the bowling it was a great opportunity to get to know each other more and learn about family, jobs, goals, etc.  Holding events like this can not only build a better club but also create new friendships.  Thanks to Tim Tyckoson, Immediate Past President, for setting up this event because a good time was had by all and it has strengthened our club and team. As we embark on this 23rd year for OMNI 6861 I would suspect that more team building events are on the horizon to ensure future successes.

The newsletter is attached and available HERE.

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